FAQs About Your PayCard Premium Membership

How Do I Enroll for PayCard Premium?


  • Fill out the enrollment form on the "Enroll" page.  When you press the "Submit" button on the Enroll page, you will immediately be sent an email. Remember to check your "spam" folder in the email does not arrive within a reasonable amount of time.
  • When the email arrives, open it and click the link to "verify your email address."
  • You will automatically be forwarded to a secure page to complete your application and provide payment instructions.
  • Upon remitting your initial payment, you will receive your Membership Booklet and Member Number by email within 2 business days.

When will I be billed the first time?

You will be billed on the first Business Day following the date of your enrollment, and your PayCard Premium program will become active on the following Business Day.

For example: You signup for PayCard Premium on Monday June 12th.  Your card will be billed on Tuesday June 13th, and your subscription will be active starting on Wednesday June 14th.


When will I be billed for subsequent months?

After your first billing, you will be billed each month on or after the “anniversary” of your enrollment in the PayCard Premium  program. Your anniversary date is the numerical date of the month on which you completed your enrollment. You will continue to be billed in this manner each month as long as you remain an active subscriber.

For example: You completed your enrollment on March 23rd. You will be billed for your second month of service on or after April 23rd. If April 23rd is a Wednesday, you will likely be billed on the 23rd. But if April 23rd is a Saturday, you are likely to be billed on Monday the 25th. In no circumstance will you ever be billed prior to the date of your enrollment, the 23rd of each month.


How is my PayCard Premium subscription package delivered?

You will receive all of your PayCard Premium materials by  email. This allows you to take advantage of your PayCard Premium benefits much faster, because email is faster than regular mail.


When will I receive the email with my PayCard Premium subscription package?

You will receive an email within 2 Business Days of your enrollment. The email will explain the PayCard Premium benefits in detail, and you will be provided with a Customer Service phone number and email address, in case you have any questions about your subscription.

Eligibility:  This Plan has family coverage. Family coverage means the discount medical products and wellness services are available to immediate family members. Immediate family members are defined as a spouse or domestic partner, children up to the age of 26, parents in the household over age 60 and any other IRS Dependent.


The program is not available in AK, FL, OK, UT, VT and WA. If you move to one of those states, your discount benefits will terminate.


The  discount  medical,  health  and  drug  benefits  (The  Plan)  are  NOT insurance,  a  health  insurance  policy,  a  Medicare  Prescription  Drug Plan or a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. The Plan provides    discounts    for    certain    medical    services,    pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs or medical equipment and supplies offered by  providers  who  have  agreed  to  participate  in  the  Plan.  The  range  of discounts  for  medical,  pharmacy  or  ancillary  services  offered  under The  Plan  will  vary  depending  on  the  type  of  provider  and  products  or services  received.  The  Plan  does  not  make  and  is  prohibited  from making   members’  payments   to   providers   for   products   or   services received  under  The  Plan.  The  Plan  member  is  required  and  obligated to pay for all discounted prescription drugs, medical and pharmaceuti- cal supplies, services and equipment received under The Plan, but will receive  a  discount  on  certain  identified  medical,  pharmaceutical  supplies, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies from providers in The Plan. The Discount Medical Plan Organization is Alliance Health- Card  of  Florida,  Inc.,  P.O.  Box  630858,  Irving,  TX  75063.  You  may  call 1-866-353-1349 for more information or visit the Provider Locator on this site. The Plan will make available before purchase and upon request, a list of program providers and the providers’ city, state and specialty, located in the member’s service area.  Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers.   The  fees  for  The  Plan  are  specified  in  the  membership  agreement.  You have the right to cancel your membership at anytime. If you cancel your membership within 30 days of the effective date, you will receive a full refund of all periodic charges.  To cancel you must, verbally or in writing, notify PayCardPros, Inc. / PayCard Premium, 1611-A S. Melrose Dr. #358 Vista, CA 92081 or call 1-800-501-1948.  We will stop collecting membership fees in a reasonable amount of time, but no later than 30 days after cancellation.  Any complaints should be directed to Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. at the address or phone number above. Upon receipt of the complaint, member will receive confirmation of receipt within 5 business days.   After investigation of the complaint, Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. will provide member with the results and a proposed resolution no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint.

Note  to  DE,  IL,  LA,  NE,  NH,  OH,  RI,  SD,  TX,  and  WV  consumers: If  you  remain  dissatisfied  after  completing  the  complaint  system,  you  may contact your state department of insurance.

Note to MA consumers: The plan is not  insurance  coverage  and  does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00.

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